DAY FOUR: Teamsters Special


Rick N Kids @ Little Rock/Texarkana

Tonight it's all Teamsters all night and we finished the show DRIVING DOWN THE HIGH WAY! This past week we've spoken to several incredible Teamsters about the history of the union and their own personal histories.  Find out how going union literally saved lives.

Karin Jones, Teamsters International Historian with where the Teamsters came from and how members can have their own personal histories added to the archives

Robert Seay, Teamsters retiree on the history of activism in the south

Richard Creekmore, retired Teamster on how the trucking industry has changed since deregulation

Bill Edwards, YRC Retiree on how he started driving non-union in the desert without air conditioning and how joining a union radically changed his life:

Glenn Stell, Legislative Representative for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Local 182 about how stark the divide between workers has become and why we all need to organize

Melanie Orman, political director for Teamsters Local 878 on how the challenges are faced by young workers in right to work states and why we need labor education IN HIGH SCHOOL

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