Day three from the road: Memphis


We continue going through Tennessee with our first of two shows about Memphis. The home of the Overnight Strike of 1999 and the Memphis Sanitation strike of 1968, but that’s not all Memphis has to offer. Listen in to find out!

Also it’s Medicaid expansion day in Pennsylvania, we lead in the show FROM Arkansas talking our home state. Next we head off to Texas and maybe we can see how much they care about health care for the working poor.

Teamsters in Memphis

Guests included:


Larry Hanley, President of the Amalgamated Transit Union on the history of the union and transit in America

Larry Miller, business manager of how Memphis has turned TOWARDS trollies

Chad Johnson, President of AFSCME Local 1733 on how workers in no rights at work states fight back and why Memphis public workers HAVE to lead the charge

Keith Johnson, AFSCME Chairperson Local 1733 on the 1968 sanitation strike and the constant battle

Irvin Callist, President of the Memphis AFL-CIO, on the problems Memphis faces to organize unions and how outside corporations are making so much off Elvis’ name while the people doing the work are making

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