The People's Tour For America Schedule

The tour will kick off at the Labor and Working-Class History Association Conference in New York City on June 7th. The tour will head to Netroots Nation in San Jose and end in Pittsburgh, the birthplace of large scale worker organizing and labor in America. We will visit dozens of cities and talk to hundreds of actual workers about why it was workers who built America and not the corporations. We will focus on both the history and current legislative battles. 

June 9th Charleston/Blair WV

June 10th Knoxville TN

June 11th Memphis TN

June 12th Little Rock/Texarkana AR

June 13th Dallas TX

June 14th Dallas/West TX

June 15th Roswell/Silver City NM

June 16th Flagstaff AZ

June 17th Las Vegas NV

June 18th Las Vegas NV

June 19th Los Angeles CA

June 20th Netroots Nation/San Jose, CA

June 21st Netroots Nation/San Francisco

June 21st Netroots Nation/San Francisco

June 23rd Portland OR

June 25th Salt Lake City UT

June 27th Denver CO

June 29th Kansas City MO

June 30th St Louis MO

July 1st Chicago IL

July 2nd Detroit MI

July 3rd Toledo OH

July 4th Cleveland OH

July 5th Pittsburgh PA