Rick Smith

Rick grew up in the projects of Cleveland, ducking local gangs while doing paper routes and odd jobs to help feed his family. Orphaned at 13, Rick was raised by his grandparents. After high school, he went out on his own, driving tractor-trailer trucks and making a decent living thanks to his membership in the Teamster’s Union. The last place Rick thought he’d end up was on the radio. But his intolerance of intolerance and his thirst for social justice have compelled him to stick up for the under dog in a United States that is increasingly inhospitable to the poor.

Rick hopes to wake up the American working class and encourage them to engage in a failing democratic process, before it’s too late. He’s no supporter of the dysfunctional “I got mine” corporate-funded Tea Party schtick. And while he’s got the rough edges and the grit of a Teamster; he’s a kind daddy and a loving husband.

With the divide between the haves and the have-nots growing wider than it has ever been, the average man, woman or child needs an advocate like Rick. Tune in each weekday and listen for yourself. If you like what you hear, call in. If you hate what you hear, call in all the time. Sooner or later, Rick will get through to you!

Samantha – aka Sam – Smith

Sam is 11 years old. She just finished 5th grade and will be starting 6th after this summer of exploration. Sam loves to read and write. She’s especially excited to be writing in her journal along the “People’s Tour For America” because she intends to write a book about her experiences when she gets home.

Alexander – aka Alex – Smith

Alex is 7 years old. The soon to be 2nd grader just won an award for being one of the best 1st graders in his elementary school. He’s hoping to use these exceptional qualities finding new and exciting things to do along the trip around the U.S. Alex is exceptionally excited by the notion of traveling in an RV. He’s fascinated by the notion of being able to stand up while the vehicle moves, especially if he gets to eat while standing and moving. What’s the food Alex most wants to eat “on the road?” Why Belgian Waffles, of course.

Alyssa – aka Aly – Smith

Aly is 4 years old. She loves pre-school but is pretty stoked about the idea of setting school days aside for her new summer adventure. What does seizing the high road mean to Aly? She’s going to climb into the saddle like every other adventurer who tackled the Wild West, without a car seat! Aly’s excited to feel the freedom of traveling in an RV because ­– while equipped with seat belts – she’s not required to feel the confinement of a child restraint.

Carol Smith

The cross-country trip was actually Carol’s idea. As a young girl her parents took her from California to the east coast. They made the long journey by car and Carol has long cherished the memory. For quite some time she’s wanted to share a similar experience with her kids, Sam, Alex, and Aly. When her husband, radio host Rick Smith, broached the idea of trying to highlight labor history across the U.S., Carol thought of the idea of renting an RV and toting the kids along to see the important things that most kids don’t even learn about in text books anymore. An avid and award winning photographer, Carol’s schlepping her tri-pod along to the various spots and keeping a photo journal of the trip.

Brett Banditelli

This guy is tough to nail down. As the executive producer, he wears a lot of hats. We'll get his info as soon as we can pull him away from the computer, or editing for a few minutes.


Pat LaMarche

Pat's another one who is hard to catch because she's always on the move.